Collaborative networked art: ‘Nasty Nets’

It is interesting to consider how the digital is being increasingly interwoven with our physical reality, blurring boundaries, and yet producing affective responses in our bodies. As Freeman & Sheller (2015, p.3) articulate, "are we wrapped/mapped in digital culture, or is digital culture wrapped/mapped in and through us?" The digital has allowed for different types … Continue reading Collaborative networked art: ‘Nasty Nets’

MSN throwback? Sound and notifications

I remember listening to this song, probably by means of LimeWire in the mid 2000s, and thinking it was hilarious, yet captivating, and somewhat melodic. I think it's clever in the way in which a sound which most of us wouldn't consider as musically aesthetic is remixed to become so, perhaps attributed to the familiarity … Continue reading MSN throwback? Sound and notifications

Screens, Digital Convergence, and Collage Film

Aa Freidberg (2000) articulates, "we know the world by what we see: through a window, in a frame, on a screen" (p.1). In the 21st century, our reliance on the visual is reminded through our preoccupation with screens — from our smartphones, televisions, laptops and tablets, they all seem to converge and blend together. It's … Continue reading Screens, Digital Convergence, and Collage Film

Art and Media: reproduction, interaction, remediation

Benjamin's 1936 essay 'The Work of Art in the age of mechanical reproduction' was foretelling of a future where reproducing art would be achieved instantaneously through the digital. He argues that mechanical reproduction has fundamentally shifted the reaction of the masses toward art, now publicly consumed, produced and distributed (p.227). A core question he brings … Continue reading Art and Media: reproduction, interaction, remediation